Basic Algae Centrifuge 120V/230V

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Remove sub micron particles from fluid.

The Filtering Centrifuge was developed in 2008 to provide a simple and cost effective solution for labs, universities, shops and garages to clean any fluid. The results have been spectacular. Particles less than 1 micron have been removed from with all types of raw oils, used oils, algae and bacteria, juices and more.

  • Gravity Fed - No Pressure, pumps, or expensive fittings to buy 
  • Single Pass - Designed so you only need to run the oil through once
  • No Fuss - No messy filters to buy, change, or monitor
  • Quiet - Custom US Made Motor operates smooth and quiet (sounds like a large fan)  Simply turn it on and let it run!
  • No Pumps - Gravity Feed is VERY reliable- its FREE and will never wear out! 
  • No Pressure - High pressure pumps and fittings are expensive and leaks costly
  • Direct Drive - Rotor speed is unquestionable
  • High Capacity - Rotor holds over half a liter
  • High Temperature Capable - Can handle liquids up to 350° F.

How it Works

The Centrifuge works by applying g-force to a liquid in the bowl, causing a “forced settling” of the denser particles and fluids to occur. Solid and semi solid particles that are denser than the fluid will be force settled in the centrifuge bowl. The dirt and water get trapped in the centrifuge bowl, while the clean fluid sprays out over the top, collecting on the sides of the housing, then flowing out the drain tube.

A typical setup includes a container for the oil to draw from, a ball valve to control the flow, a container for the filtered oil, and a container for the bowl to drain into.

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    Basic 3450 RPM
    • 10-15 gallons/hour flow
    • UL & CSA Listed motor
    • 1/3 Horse Power • 250 Watts
    • 120/230 Volts
    • Up To 1200 G's
    • Aluminum
    • ~50lbs

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