Basic Algae Centrifuge 120V/230V

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Perfect for harvesting all types of algae. These centrifuges have been a staple of the alternative fuel community for more than 13 years.  They work great for clarifying all types of oil, including motor oil WMO and vegetable oil.  

Made of durable aluminum castings and rotor/bowl. Lifetime warranty on the castings and the motor carries a 2yr warranty.

Basic - 3450RPM

  • 1300g
  • 120v or 230V(Select in the menu above) - Plug and Cord included
  • Custom Baldor Motor
  • Up to 95 liters per hour(95l/hr), or 25 us gallons/hr.
  • 8.5"(21.6cm) Interior Diameter Rotor, 2.5"(6.4cm) High

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