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We source, refine and promote affordable, well constructed and refined tools to help save time and money by reducing filters, mess and energy.

Labs, Universities, Farms, Research Institutions and Startups find our equipment useful.

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Algae Strains - Not All Algae is Green
Posted on Jul 06, 15

Some algae have pigments that mask the green chlorophyll.  Algae exhibits different color variations because of the other photosynthetic pigments they contain.  

The major algae divisions can, for the most part, be drawn based on the algae's predominant apparent color. 

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Algae Oil Extraction – Ultrasonic
Posted on May 10, 15

Extracting Oil from Algae can be done by a variety of processes. 

There are mechanical and chemical methods

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Algae Videos
Posted on Dec 16, 14
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