Quality Centrifuges for
concentrating Algae.

  • Safe for most algae.
  • Algae slurry goes in, clean water comes out.
  • Used all over the world!
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How it Works

Algae/Water mix/slurry is fed into the top port with gravity or low flow pump. The centrifuge force settles the algae, trapping it in the bowl, under the lip. Out spins clean water. Once the centrifuge is stopped, the liquid contents in the bowl will drain out of the sump.

Benchtop and Research Algae Centrifuges

These efficient and reliable centrifuges have been a mainstay of universities and institutions around the globe.
It allows for concentration of an algae paste running at 50/liters or 10 gallons/hour.

Basic Centrifuge

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Extreme Centrifuge

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Algae Centrifuge Parts

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Industrial Algae Concentrating Centrifuges

Process 225-450 liters or 60-120 gallons of algae per hour. These units have a bonus purge, which is done manually at set intervals. This purge removes the algae paste which has collected on the walls of the spinning bowl.

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25KG Centrifuge

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50KG Centrifuge

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High Flow Centrifuge

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