We’re very proud of both our engineering and customer service teams, so we offer the best warranty available in the marketplace. Our warranty policy is straightforward and comprehensive.

Our industry-leading reputation is based on quality products supported by exceptional customer service


We stand behind our products.

As with any type of equipment, the warranty depends on the specific part. Here are the general manufacturer warranties for major parts:

  • Centrifuge castings: Lifetime warranty on Extreme and Basic Algae Centrifuge
  • AC drives: 1-year warranty on all centrifuges
  • Motors: 1-year warranty on all centrifuges

Parts such as seals, bearings and clamps are warrantied for one year from the date of purchase. Please note that warranties do not apply to any parts or products which have been abused, misused, or damaged following incorrect installation or any use contrary to the instructions by the manufacturer.

Return Policy:

If anything is defective or wrong with the order, you must notify within 14 days of receiving.  We will stand behind getting you a fully working product.  Each manufacturer of products that we sell has a different return policy.  Please ask for specific products, but here are the most popular:

Basic and Extreme Centrifuge - 30 Day Return Policy.  Centrifuge must be in clean and resalable condition. Shipping not refunded.

Other Products Depend on Specific Manufacturer.

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