Harvest your precious algae with ease, with a remarkably affordable centrifuge.

The Algae Centrifuge is the Proven Way to Harvest Algae         

Algae flocculation, or the separation of algae from water, can be done by settling, filters, centrifuging or chemical processes. 

Traditionally, filtering units are expensive and costly to maintain, while centrifuges have been out of the price range of many laboratories or smaller operations.

There is now available a small scale and affordable centrifuge that makes sense for harvesting algae.  There’s no filter media to buy, and the separation is phenomenal.  

The centrifuge cleans to less than 1 micron.   The algae centrifuge also works to clean algae oil, removing fine particles.

I’ve been assisting school and university laboratories, research firms and other individuals harvest algae effectively and easily using a table top, open bowl centrifuge.  This algae centrifuge has proven effective over and over.


Here’s a quote from a customer:

"Our lab researching algal biofuels recently purchased this centrifuge, and we have been very happy with the results. We have observed about 90% separation efficiency at a fairly fast flow rate of 1 L/min and up to 96% at slower flow rates. This seems to be as good or better than results from much more expensive centrifuges."
Some of the algae centrifuge customers have been continually harvesting algae for 3+ years.


Nannochloropsis - Dunaliella Bardawil - Diatoms - Chlorella Vulgaris - Dunaleilla Tertiolecta - Scenedesmus Obliquus - Phormidium sp. - Aphanothece microscopica Nägeli Businesses, labs or individuals  can order this tool today, right on online with a few clicks.  It will come to your door within 10 days and you can will start harvesting algae the easy way.

It’s a fine tool, engineered for durability and function.  Centrifuge purchases are backed up with great support. These Algae Centrifuges start at $1197.  Go over to the products page and select the model that best suits you. 

Order it up and you’ll have it up and running in a few days from receiving it. If you run into a hitch, there’s domestic tech support only a phone call or email away.  The Centrifuge is also backed by an excellent warranty.