Algae Culture Kit

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5 Gallon Algae Culture Kit

All the basics(with exception of the tank) to grow your own useful strain of algae.

  • Instructions: information about the strain of algae, illustrated growing protocol, culture care lessons, lifecycle background of batch-culture cycles.
  • Culture flask: tissue culture flask (50 ml volume) with a breathable cap.
  • Culture inoculum: 50ml in a dense culture in a 50ml centrifuge tube.
  • Nutrient Fertilizer: our nutrients are a modification of the media formula called f/2 (Guillard and Ryther 1962, Guillard 1975). It uses NaNO3 (sodium nitrate) and NaPO4 (sodium phosphate) as the nitrogen and phosphorus sources.
  • Culturing Salts: Add salts to a 5-gallons of chlorine free drinking water.