Peforated Bowl Centrifuge - 135

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  • 300lb Capacity
  • 31.5" Diameter Basket, 25 gallons
  • 1008G @1500rpm
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 66.5X54X39", 2900lbs

Ideal Centrifuge for Harvesting Algae Separate massive amounts of solids and liquids with ease

While the smaller algae centrifuges have been working excellent at harvesting small batches, we felt that we could address the needs of the larger algae farms and labs with a much larger, solid bowl centrifuge, where the bowl can be purged or clean while running.

More Details:


The mixture is fed into the rotor from the top feed port in the lid. The force inside the bowl causes the algae paste to collect on the walls of the centrifuge, while the water gets spun out and leaves a port on the bottom of the centrifuge.


Centrifuge bowl and housing is made of 304 Stainless Steel. (Other materials available for custom order). Frame is Cast Iron.