Royal- 20lb Extract and Dry Centrifuge

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15 Major advancements in centrifuge tech.

The new Royal Extracts centrifuge is a machine that was built to make clean extracts safe and easy. 

Please read below about how we turned this direct feedback from daily extractors into the 15 centrifuge design upgrades.

1. Size matters - The Ideal 17gallon working capacity was chosen to allow a range of portions and recipes. It works on for high volume runs of 100lb+/hr along with smaller craft batches of 5lbs.  It also allows for easy changeouts, making lifting manageable.  

2. Ergonomic twist open lid – This is for safe and fast bag change-outs.  Make cumbersome latches ancient history.  This new lid design works essentially like a camlock, where a small and firm twist opens the secure and safety switched lid. 

3. Shaft – The shaft is about 50% larger than any of the competitors. Larger shaft = Longer Life. The shaft and bearing housing were designed using CAD simulations for external loads and robust use.

4. Stability Improvements - Bearing Housing Placement: The revolutionary way we mount our bearing, belt and motor helps with uneven loads at high RPMs by minimizing contact with the stand. By using a cartridge seal we are also able to separate the bearings farther and gain a lot more stability compared to historic centrifuge designs.

5. All Safety and XP features standard – Why is safety an option? Pass any inspection with the explosion proof upgrades and safety switches standard on the centrifuge like vibration switches, lid safety switch, and E stops.

6. Service is a snap – Unlike other centrifuges requiring a special technician or machine shop to service, this new Centrifuge is fully serviceable with common tools. (Seal replacement requires a few wrenches and about 1 hour.)

7. Efficient Chilling - Our jacket design incorporates the entire side of the vessel and ties in the bottom plate of the vessel for best on the market temperature control. 

8. Versatility in controls - Customizable touchscreen controls allow for wireless mirroring of controls to tablets, phones or laptops.

9. Data Sharing and Reporting - Store recipes, record and report key data like run time, crew processing times, etc. This a new, user friendly design with special troubleshooting and maintenance pages.  All screens are customizable with your branding and SOP.

10. 200 Degree Discharge Spout -The new style discharge empties from the bottom utilizing tri clamp  fittings that allow flexibility with the direction of flow. The discharge can be adjusted roughly 200 degrees. 

11. Work Table - We have incorporated heavy duty stainless steel work table is part of the machine that can be configured on the left side or the right side of the vessel. 

12. Toshiba C1D1 Motor – this motor has a better supply chain, is more affordable and meets NEMA standards and is now replacing many Baldor motors.

13. Designed and built with experience – The lead spindle engineer demanded feedback from everyone from the fabricators to the customers. The controls designer used his 13 years of centrifuge technical and customer support to make a user friendly and serviceable unit.  The fabrication shop consistently churns out ingenious and tight tolerance parts, especially balanced bowls.

14. Hash Paddle – You can use the same vessel and chiller to run a solventless hash extraction with our new solventless paddle for the centrifuge. This was designed with low shear, to be gentle on trichomes and other plant parts.

15. Built in Redundancy – Stuff happens, so having backups and extras is key to keep running. The centrifuge includes analog control backups and extra e-stops and multi-device controls have been added.

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