Royal- 20lb Extract and Dry Centrifuge

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The most refined, stable and effective botanical extract centrifuge on the market.  Years of centrifuge fabrication and customer feedback have been forged into one reliable, fast and user friendly machine.

  • Durable and Effective - This centrifuge was designed and made with US pride, care and integrity.  
  • Many Applications - Special seal allows for multiple solvents like ethanol, pentane and even water. 
  • Easiest to Service Centrifuge - A few special tools and 2 hours is all it takes to swap out our unique seal system.  Seals are the weak link on extraction centrifuges.  Our double mechanical seal lasts where traditional ring seals break down.  An occasional stem won't bother our seal, but it will eventually eat all viton or ptfe seals.
  • Built in Efficiency - Smart Controls with wireless, data logging, efficiency analysis, and time saving dynamic brakes.